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Thanks to Forensic007 for the following.

I saw on one of the discussion boards that someone brought up the collapsible baton that Ben had when he teleported into the desert. He then used it to beat the snot out of the men who tried to overtake him. We see the baton again in the last episode when he hands it to Locke right before he goes marching up to The Orchid. He tells Locke, "Hang on to this for me," or something to that effect.

Anyway, someone mentioned possibly seeing this baton during the first few seconds of Pilot 1. I went back and re-watched it on-line in HD and took
a screencap. Sure enough, right after the camera pulls back from Jack's face you see a non-organic black cylindrical object to Jack's left.

Attached is a screencap I made of it.

Some people are thinking that in the future Jack finds his way back to the island and this baton thing could possibly be the key to getting back.
Otherwise, why would Ben have "passed the baton" to Locke. Why would he care if the Freighters took it? Also, that the Pilot episode's opening scene was actually Jack coming back to the island and that the point where Jack pivots around on the beach and sees/hears nothing, turns back around
and sees/hears the crash site is the transition back to the present. Far fetched? Maybe. Possible? Sure, why not.

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