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Episode 4x12 - Mysterious Man on Plane

There have been numerous requests for screencaps of the mysterious man sitting on the plane. Karen Decker glances at him and nods as she walks by on her way to speak with the Oceanic 6. Here is an excerpt from our entry:

There appeared to be an extra passenger in the back of the plane besides the O6. There has been quite a bit of speculation on who this might be...one of the more popular theories being that it is Matthew Abaddon. I believe, however, that this is just an additional crew member. Check out the screencaps and you can clearly see that the earmuffed crew member was on the plane before the doors had opened, indicating he must have been on board the flight. Also, it appears that you can see his earmuffs in the shot of him sitting down on the plane.
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Source: Get Lost Podcast

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