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So as we have mentioned many times before we seem to have different variations of items in the show, from episode to episode or even within the same scene. There are countless moments to list and most have always claimed them to be continuity errors.

However, this week there is one that is definitely NOT a continuity error. During the filming of this episode, set pics revealed two distinct versions of the Scale Art with black and white rocks that we see in Widmore's office. This proved right away that the producers purposely wanted to make sure that we noticed two different frames.

Well my fellow podcast partner and friend Karen (from Karen's LOST Notebook) has put together a cool screencap showing the two different frames and how they are on opposite sides of the room during this past week's episode.

So with all the talk of reflections and mirrors, how about mirroring art??

Two different moments or times in one episode? What do you think the writers are hinting at?

Source: The ODI

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