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Text taken from Sledgewebs site.

In 3x10, "Tricia Tanaka is Dead", we see Hurley's father ride off on a motorcycle. It's the last time Hurley will see his father for the next seventeen years. The motorcycle appears to be a YAMAHA, but the "Y" and the last "A" have been removed. This may simply be for legal reasons, but it is interesting to note that an AMAH is a maidservant in the east (HK, Thailand, etc.). In Hong Kong, there is a naturally occurring rock which resembles an Amah carrying a baby. It is appropriately named, Amah Rock. The entry at Wikipedia for Amah Rock has a very LOST relevant story:

According to a legend, the faithful wife of a fisherman climbed the hills every day, carrying her son, to watch for the return of her husband, not knowing he had been drowned at sea. In reward for her faithfulness she was turned into a rock by the Goddess of the Sea so that her spirit could unite with that of her husband.

Source: Sledgeweb

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