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These images come up at the final spin of the octagon symbol at the end of the commercial video.
The first image is what you see with the naked eye off a poor quality video. In the second, I've painted over the lines for more clarity and less blur. What we appear to have here is a series of symbols. I-ching symbols, to be exact. If one were to research them using trusty old wiki , you find that the symbols stand for mountain-thunder-wind.

I used this site to attempt to interpret the symbols.

The sequence of MOUNTAIN and then THUNDER apparently refers to bestowing nourishment. When mountain is placed directly above thunder, the image formed is similar to that of a mouth. Not only does this apply to tangible nourishment, but also that of spiritualism and knowledge. This, then, could apply to nourishing oneself through scientific knowledge acquired through the Dharma Initiative.

MOUNTAIN and WIND refer to "working on what has been spoiled". The gentle impassiveness of the wind against the rigidity of the mountain create decay, stagnation. This implies that this decay needs to be fixed. Therefore, (and I'm going out on a limb here) these symbols could represent a need to reform the Dharma Initiative from what it has degenerated into. They're recruiting, aren't they? They haven't had a real presence on the island in twelve years. Seems like a good time to reverse that decay.

WIND and THUNDER represent duration. This one's obvious--that the D.I. has been, and in their opinion will be, around for a long time.

Source: Octagon Recruiting Watch

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