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Request a screencap

If you would like to request a screencap please leave a comment here with details of the screen you would like captured. I can't promise to do them all but I will try to do the interesting ones. Please leave as many details as possible to make finding the image easier.

NOTE 1 : Please only request screens that are not already on Lost Media. Ones on Lost Media will be ignored.
NOTE 2 : Only request screens for up to the last 2 Episode
NOTE 3 : I cannot respond to every request but I hope to manage to post the most interesting ones.
NOTE 4 : Screencaps from Trailers and Promos can be found in the Spoilers Section

NEWS: 11th May 2007: Please welcome chitowncubs to the Screencaps section who will be helping me with the screencapping process. I'm sure he'll make a great addition to the team and will help get screencap requests up even quicker.

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