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Poster Blink Girl?

This was first noticed by pterra over at Losttv Forums. They claim that by slowing down the video you can see the poster girl blink. I'm 99.99% sure that this is just a consequence of the fast motion camera and the mpeg encoding as the scene is so quick as to not be noticeable. However I've had so many emails about this that I thought it would be quicker to post it here.

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UPDATE: 28th Feb 2007 - Here is an update from Gregg Nations when asked about this.
Gregg Nations ON THE Blinking Eyes

Okay, I just checked my copy. She's not blinking (though I do love that idea). It's motion blur combined with telecine transfer artifacts making it seem like she blinked. Her eyes are half closed to begin with, so with those factors it may seem like she's blinking but she's not. Sorry.

Source: Gregg Nations

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