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Naomi Translations

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"Me estoy muriendo" is Spanish for "I am dying" (from the captions).

"Aiutami sto morendo" is Italian for "Help me I'm dying" (from the captions; partially incorrect, but comprehensible).

She mutters in an "asian language" (from the captions) which Jin claims is Chinese, not Korean. "出了什么事?(chu le shen me shi)" is Chinese for "What happened?" or "What's going on?".

After Mikhail and Desmond treat Naomi's wound, she says something in Portuguese not spelled out in the captions. It is not "Thank you" as Mikhail claims. Instead, it sounds like "Eu não estou só" which is Portuguese (spoken with a Brazilian accent) for "I am not alone." The "Ardil-22" book is also Portuguese.

Source: Lostpedia

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